Getting the Best Deal on Your Next Life Insurance Plan

Life Insurance policies help fill a certain void in terms of protecting your financial future. It can add to your retirement income, funding for your child’s education, and even act as emergency money for those expenses that abruptly arise. When looking for a reputable life insurance provider, always go with companies those offer convenient rates, customized coverage, and offer flexible plans along with other wide range of affordable add-on services.

Whether you are investing in a whole life insurance plan or just a term plan for 10 years, it should build cash value that can be used later in life or add to the death benefits as pay-outs.

List Of Top Providers

AEGON Life Insurance Company

AEGON Life Insurance offers coverage that lasts for shorter periods. They have flexible life insurance policies with different term lengths. Options are also available for customers to extend their coverage beyond what they had initially applied for. This means that customers are able to customize their coverage and get covered for as long as they need.

Some of the plans offered by AEGON Life Insurance include endowment plan, term plan, ULIP plan, group plan, pension plan, child plan, ruler plan, and protection plan.

Max Life Insurance Company

Max Life Insurance is the best option for people who need a lifelong insurance policy. It is among the top companies that offer premium life insurance plans. It has a noteworthy financial position and commendable dividend track record that helps offset the high costs of premium and grow the value of your policy.

Max Life Insurance Company also has a good claim settlement ratio of 96.23%, which means maximum claims that are successful passed in a year.

TATA AIA Life Insurance Company

Looking for life insurance plans with low premiums? TATA AIA is one company that has relatively lower premium rates. Many policyholders have admitted that they have saved around INR 6,500 yearly after switching to TATA AIA life insurance policies when compared to others.

A complete comparison analysis is highly advisable before you buy any life insurance policy. The premium price will differ from one company to another, depending on how risky the insurer case is for the life insurance company. All the above companies are amongst the best life insurance providers known to offer complete coverage, and are great places for you to start with. is one platform that will help you narrow down your search to find the most suitable and best life insurance coverage plan.

List Of Best Life Insurance Plans

LIC- New Jeevan Anand

Based on the performance in the past, this life insurance policy has a number of advantages. The insurance plan from LIC offers two benefits, which include life protection and savings plan. It acts as security against unexpected death by offering financial support to the family.

If you survive up to the policy term, you will also enjoy the maturity benefits. The multifaceted policy is among the best life insurance plans in the country.


This is among the short term insurance plans with the main aim of helping the insurance buyers achieve their goals in the investment after a very short period (mostly 10 years). Besides, it also offers financial coverage for the family in case of unforeseen death.

Customers are only required to pay their premiums for a period of 5 years for them to enjoy the benefits that come with this insurance plan.

SBI eShield

SBI life insurance is the best option if you want a complete cover policy. It is also among the most trusted policies in India. You have an advantage of an easy and seamless online process to obtain your life insurance policy.

SBI Shubh Nivesh

This is another great product by SBI Life. It offers dual benefits of life coverage and endowment assurances. When your life insurance policy has reached its maturity stage, you can enjoy the lump sum amount and the other maturity benefits. You also have the option of converting the lump sum amount to an income source that is paid at regular intervals.

 In case of your unfortunate demise, your family will avail the financial benefits from the life cover in the plan

Last Thoughts

As much as you may think that life insurance plans are not for you, you can never tell what the future holds. It is, therefore, important to be prepared in case of any uncertainties, and especially if you have people who depend on you financially. With different types of insurance plans available, it can be quite confusing. Always carry out a comparison background research to ensure that you are getting the best deal on your plan.